Club/Activity Sponsor/s Grade Level
Art Club Carscaddon 4-5
Chess Club Sullivan K-5
Chorus English 5
Math Team C. Smith 4-5
Reader's Rally Whisonant 4-5
Relay For Life Teems/E. Bowler K-5
Safety Patrol J. Ryan 5
Student Council J. Gearhart 3-5
Peer Leaders J. Ryan 5
National Junior Beta Club C. Wood 5

Descriptions of Clubs and Activities at Sugar Hill

Art Smarts Club

The Art Club is an excellent opportunity for artists to expand, explore and create a passion for the visual arts. A group of talented artists are chosen each year and participate in extracurricular unique projects that are not explored in the classroom lessons. Fourth and fifth grade students are eligible for membership in the art club. Each interested and excited artist will submit a completed application along with an art critique of a piece of artwork of their choice. In order to have maximum participation there will be an Art Club A and an Art Club B. They will meet on alternating Wednesdays starting with Art Club A on January 16, 2013 and Art Club B on January 23, 2013. Each Club (A and B) will meet for total of six weeks. A detailed schedule will be sent home with participants. It is my pleasure to share my passion for the visual arts with our students, I know we will have a wonderful year full of awesome art!

Mrs. Carscaddon

Chess Club

The Sugar Hill Chess Club meets Wednesdays after school to play chess.  It starts immediately after school and pickup is at 4:00.  We use of a mix of instruction and play to have fun while improving our game.  We accept chess players from basic to advanced.   And for those chess players that are ready, our tournament team will be going to several tournaments this next year. Come join us!


The Sugar Hill Singers

The Sugar Hill Singers is a choral ensemble that also includes opportunities for students to play Orff instruments, recorder, and to create movement. The ensemble is a high energy performing group that meets on Thursday mornings before school. Interested students should be ready to have a great time making music while working hard to present the very best performance that is possible.

Fifth grade students are eligible for membership in The Sugar Hill Singers. Each interested student is auditioned in a process involving solo singing, pitch matching, range exercises, and harmonic singing. Chorus students must also be in good standing academically and be models of good behavior.

Auditions for the 2010-201 Sugar Hill Singers will take place in August.

Witzzle Pro Club for children in grades 4-5.

Members will play the game of Witzzle Pro to enhance their problem solving and mental math skills. Members will be invited to play in a county level Witzzle Pro tournament if they wish. Students will need to apply for a space in the Witzzle Pro Club and the Club will meet for a portion of the school year.

Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders is student based leadership and mentoring program. Students are 5th graders who are selected for their leadership and character potential. These students participate in a ten week training program where they meet for 30 minutes weekly (during recess) to learn how to lead others and become positive team players. Once training is completed students are match with a classroom teacher that they will work with twice a week from 7:50 to 8:15 AM. Their task is to work with students who need additional social or academic support. Peer Leaders also participate in several service projects, such as, The Great Days of Service, a field trip to the North Gwinnet Coop to assist with community support, food drives, toy drives and other school based projects. Peer Leaders continue to meet weekly to share their experiences and work on team building.

Readers Rally

Readers Rally is a quiz bowl style competition for students in grades 4-5. Students read books from a predetermined list and answer questions about those books. Each Gwinnett County school may send one team of up to 10 players to the Readers Rally

Relay For Life

Sugar Hill Elementary Relay For Life team is a group of passionate faculty members who are committed to make a difference in the lives of those touched by cancer and to join Gwinnett’s fight against this devastating disease. The goal of our team is to raise funds in creative ways to include the entire Sugar Hill community and to increase awareness to further the mission of the American Cancer Society. Sugar Hill Relay team has been one of the top 50 teams for the last 10 years in Gwinnett County. Over 90% of the funds we raise goes directly to research and programs to improve the lives of cancer patients. It takes only a little time and effort by each of us to save lives and create more birthdays!

Safety Patrols

AAA SAFETY PATROL is a leadership program for fifth graders at Sugar Hill. 5TH grade student candidates are selected by their 4TH grade teacher based on:
Academic performance
Conduct & behavior
Strong leadership skills

Safety Patrol Pledge

I promise to do my best to...
Report for duty on time,
Perform my duties faithfully
Always setting a good example myself.
Obey my teachers and officers of the patrol,
Report dangerous student practices.
Strive to earn the respect of fellow students

Student Council

The Sugar Hill Student Council is a service based club that provides leadership opportunities for our students. We meet bi-weekly on Tuesday afternoons and discuss upcoming projects and responsibilities. Our class representatives and elected officers strive to make Sugar Hill Student Council dependable and responsible. For more information on our organization, please visit:

National Junior Beta Club

National Junior Beta Club is for Sugar Hill Elementary 5th graders who exemplified achievement, character, leadership, and a willingness to serve throughout their 4th grade experience. Junior Beta Club requires worthy, moral, & ethical character in addition to exemplary achievement and a commendable attitude. The club members will attend monthly meetings in addition to fulfilling service requirements. The motto of National Junior Beta Club is "Let us lead by serving others" and should be continuously modeled by all members of Junior Beta Club. You may visit our school site: or email the club sponsor, Chris Wood, at for more information.