Students will have the opportunity to purchase ice cream from a variety of selections during lunch. He/she will have the opportunity to make his/her choice first thing in the morning during homeroom. Teachers will send the prepaid orders to the office by 9:00 am each morning and lunchroom monitors will pass it out at the end of your child's designated lunch time. Ice cream is $1.00 and will be sold Monday through Friday for all grade levels.

Please make every effort to send in the correct amount when purchasing ice cream as homeroom teachers will not be able to make change. Also, if you are planning on joining your child for lunch and would like to purchase ice cream for a sibling or yourself, please send the money into school that morning with your child. We have listed the ice cream choices we will be selling this year so you will know ahead of time.
If you would like to treat the class to ice cream for a special occasion, you may do so at a reduced rate of .50 per ice cream. Please print out and return the Ice Cream Order Form flyer which can be found under the Parent or Student Tab of the Sugar Hill website under Ice Cream Sales. Order forms and money should be turned in to the front office by 8:15 a.m. on the date of purchase.

Cotton Candy, Orange & Cream Bar, Fudge Frenzy, Polar Pole Rainbow, Crumble Cookie Cone, Sour Swell Cherry, Vanilla Sandwich, Vanilla Yogurt Cup

Please click on the attachment below to access the class order form. You will need to print the form, complete it and return it with your payment of cash or check made payable to Sugar Hill Elementary to Mrs. O'Rouke in the front office.

Ice Cream Flyer.pdf